Good customer experience has always been a pillar of good business. It ensures that existing customers are happy, giving them reasons to stay loyal. In the online business age, improving customer support is essential for staying ahead of the competition. Here are some ways your small business can improve digital customer experience for the better:

Facilitate Customers to Easily Access Services on Different Devices

Nearly all buyers these days access online services on multiple devices, particularly on a desktop computer and a smartphone. Offering a seamless experience between these devices is essential for retaining these customers.

Businesses should understand that while customers seek the same material across channels, their way of navigating this material would differ based on the device. For example, customers may use a desktop computer to research products on your site. They may use a smartphone to add products to a cart. So businesses should address these platform-specific needs, while at the same time offering a similar experience across devices.

This can be tough to do. It requires first identifying how customers interact with your services on different devices. You can start by first creating a great mobile responsive site with a budget-friendly local website developer in Geelong for example. Then gather anonymised data to identify needs and address them.

Get Rid of Pop-Ups and Similar Interfering Components

There’s really no reason for your business site to use pop-ups for promotional purposes in this day and age. Most users rely on ad blockers, which get rid of such interferences. Even without, customers tend to turn away from websites that bombard them with pop-ups.

There’s one scenarios where pop-ups are suitable—when your site needs to issue a warning sign for an action the customer takes. For other scenarios involving promotional actions, pop-ups is a big no-no.

Personalise Live Chat Help

Live chat is a standard feature on most business websites. If your site also offers this feature, then you need to make it more than standard fare to retain customers. Most are used to the robotic “how may I help you?” prompts. It’s possible to make this prompt more personalised and relevant to what the customer does on the site.

It would require tracking customer behaviour on the site with permission. For example, if a customer has placed an item on the cart, but hasn’t checked out yet, the live chat prompt could mention this. The prompt for subscribers or members could include names. Explore similar ways to personalise live chat, so the experience feels more authentic to potential customers.

Make Support Easily Accessible

Easy access to customer support is crucial for enhancing experienced on any platforms. Make it easy for customers to get in touch with the business for any reason. This usually means offering more than one form of customer support.

Instead of just live chat, offer customer support via other channels like email, web forms, text messaging, and telephone. Digital customer support is the best, especially if you are targeting an under 35 demographic. Social media customer support is highly recommended, and even essential for some. Offer chat support on channels like Facebook as part of the overall customer support infrastructure.

Improving digital customer experience should be an ongoing process. Therefore, make sure your business gathers customer feedback on all platforms. Use this feedback to overall improve the digital customer experience in addition to following the above tips.