Ever since businesses discovered the power and the sheer affordability of professional emails, a new market has been created. This implies that while you do have enough service providers, making a choice must be done carefully. In order to make a choice, you need to know the features of a company that wouldn’t abandon you overnight, or in the middle of a cyber-attack. Thus, here are some of the prominent telltale signs of a professional email hosting company.

Servers are located locally

If you didn’t know it already, there are two types of storage; cloud-based and locally stored. Anything and everything you upload to the internet in the hope to view or download at any time is what cloud-based storage is. An external hard drive is local storage. Naturally, the speed of local storage is much higher. In addition, it provides a degree of security that cloud-based storage cannot provide; you can pull the plug to disconnect, and the data is secured, it’s simple as that. Most companies can’t afford to have such resources, but the ones that do must be prioritized.

Doesn’t force you to do website hosting

There used to be a time when in order to obtain the best business emails, you should first sign up for their website hosting. This indirectly makes sense given how professional emailing service is a part of website hosting. But what if your business was just looking to get email hosting for your business? That’s why there are companies out there who charge you by the mailbox based on the storage and the bandwidth. While it is a great idea to invest in website hosting, it would be an extra cost if you had no choice.

A wide array of services (with no extra cost)

Think about all the typical personal emailing problems that ruin your day. What would happen if that happens in a professional capacity? This is why the competent email hosting companies are offering you services such as Spam Filtering, Redundant MX Records, Secure POP3/IMAP/SMTP, and even CalDAV Calendars. But there is a downside; some companies charge by the feature making the accumulated cost per mailbox going up to 10-15$/month since they can’t afford it. Fully functional companies on the contrary tend to offer all the features for free with plans less than 5$/month because of the abundant resources they own.

Recognition as a capable service provider

It’s an eerie experience to notice that your email hosting company’s website is not HTTPS. In the same way, you must assess the professional recognition of the company within the capacity. Customer reviews on the website and one simple conversation over with the right questions asked just might give you enough reassurance. There is another practical hack to assess the capacity of the company considered; you can always examine all the other services they provide. There are benefits to that. You can see just how capable the company is, and maybe, those services might be able to improve the functionality of your business.